The Bright Club format – combining research and comedy to educate and entertain – was originated at University College London.  From UCL the idea has spread around the country, gaining publicity and momentum.  Bright Club enables researchers to take their work to a wider audience, sharing their enthusiasm for their area of expertise within the guise of stand-up comedy.

Impact – Public Engagement – Reaching a Wider Audience

Do these words and phrases make you shudder with excitement or with fear?  Or perhaps with exasperation at yet something else you have to do that isn’t your research?  How about …

Communication – Presentation Skills – Self-Confidence

Still quaking in your boots?

Imagine if you could combine all of these things with the relaxed atmosphere of a local pub or bar, a few drinks, and a good laugh!  That’s exactly what Bright Club does.

So what’s going on?

A team of enthusiastic postgraduate researchers have set up Southampton’s very own Bright Club.  Training is provided to anyone who’s interested in performing and each gig will be compered and/or headlined by a professional comedian.  Performers aren’t restricted to stand-up; we welcome songs, poems, interpretive dance – anything you can think of!