Anniversary Show Update

Bright Club Southampton celebrated its first birthday on the 26th July. That’s right, we have been around for one whole year! You can relive our first ever show here.

We would love to see as many of you as possible at our anniversary gig. You can book tickets here, or turn up at 6.30pm on the night (Friday 5th August, which is just over ONE WEEK away) to buy tickets on the door.

We are excited to announce that the following researchers will be performing at our anniversary gig:

Ali Hill – Chilis as a pain reliever
Craig Dolder – Acoustics or something like that
Nina Meddings – Don’t break the china! Making better batteries
Matt Coffin – Stuff and Autism
Maia Elliott – Epigenetics

See you all there, and thanks for helping us celebrate our birthday.

Meet the Performers

Hello all and happy Friday!

Those eagle eyed website viewers amongst you will notice that the website admin has given our website a bit of a revamp. Repeat visitors may even notice that there is a new menu.

I would encourage you all to have a look in our brand new ‘Performer Bios’ menu, and meet some of our past performers. The bios also have links to the performers videos (except for performers from the third show, where we had slight technical issues!), and also have some pictures of these lovely folk that have already made you chuckle (although we seem be lacking pictures from show two, sorry!).

Enjoy 🙂

Our Fourth Event

Hello everyone,

Firstly, to return visitors, thanks for coming back to our website. To new visitors, welcome!

Well, what can we say but a big


to all of you lovely folk who came to our fourth event on Friday. It was fantastic to see you all there. A special thank you to our amazing performers, without you Bright Club would not be possible.

We’ve not even been around a year and we’ve already done our fourth event. We can’t quite believe it, but you can be sure all the Bright Club committee slept well on Saturday night.

We had 6 performers talking about a range of subjects from particle physics to plankton! We even had a maths teacher singing pop songs hah! Highlights will be on YouTube soon 🙂

There is no rest for the wicked, however, as today we have added photos from all the past events (which you can find under ‘Photos‘… very original we know!).

We have also already started to think about our fifth event. Watch this space for details!


Our Next Event – 13th May – 6.30pm

Hello and welcome to the Bright Club Southampton webpage, we are very happy to have you here!

In our first post, we would like to draw your attention to this…


We are only one week away from our next event, with the following eclectic mix of stand up performances from researchers:

Charles Cox – “1, 2, infinity”
Nicholas Flores Martin – “Fish, Soton & Chocolate Digestives”
Kyle Evans – “Maths & Pop Music”
Renata Khouri – “Oceanography”
Alex Titterton – “Observations of a Particle Physicist”
Tilman Sanchez-Elsner – “Assumption & Prejudice”

You will also get to see Tony Kinsella, who will be compering, and Helen Pilcher, our headline act. If you would like to come (and why wouldn’t you?!), you buy tickets from