No. 2 – 03.11.15

It was indeed time for another Southampton Bright Club! And for this event we were joined by the hilariously funny Rosie Wilby and Johnny Berliner!

Our featured researchers were:

Flo Zac – “Psychology of interests” – Flo is a research student at the University of Portsmouth.

John Lapage – “Judging Scientific Quality Through the Use of Chat-Up Lines” – John is a biologist who has finished his PhD. In his spare time, he is a science communicator with the Science Room.

Denise Baden – “Viva Fidel!” – Denise is an Associate Professor in the University of Southampton Business School. Her research on Cuban business models and Fidel Castro’s leadership style has resulted in an unlikely but wonderful spinout: Fidel the musical.

Katherine Crawford –”Archaeology is Not an Indiana Jones Movie!” – Katherine is a PhD student at the University of Southampton in the Department of Archaeology.

Tom Hunt – “Horrible Histories”