No. 8 – 19.05.17

No. 8 was a Bright Club Southampton to be remembered. Located at Boulangerie Victor Hugo, the night was hosted by Masud Milas and headlined by Rachel Parris!

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Plus! Five researchers took the stage.

Click their names to watch their sets on our youtube channel.

Sadie Jones – “She of the Astro-Biological Sword” – Sadie is an Outreach Leader in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton



Adie Liddiard – “Real Honest Penetration”





Bobby Innes – “Button Pusher” – Bobby is a PhD student at the University of St Andrews in Psychology and Neuroscience.



Nátt Day – “‘Life After the Lab: A Survival Story” – Nátt is the Digital Engagement Officer within the Public Engagement with Research unit at the University of Southampton.
Phil Wiles – “Sex, Drugs, and Weight Control”













Stand-up comedy doesnt work without the support of our audience. Many thanks to all those that came out!

All photos thanks to Rob Gower. His photography can be found here.