No. 9 – 22.09.17

For No. 9, Bright Club Southampton moved to a new location – One O Four!  We were joined by our host, Alex Farrow, who gave a history lesson on the hilarious(ly dark) past of major liquor companies, as well as by Samantha Baines, our headlining comedienne, who read aloud her home-grown poetry on scientific inspiration and of course, jogging!

22047965_1685425714822790_7714193746736983817_oSamantha Baines


Get the schedule for Alex’s Stand-Up History here


find out what Samantha’s doing next by visiting her website.



We also featured five fantastic researchers:

Les Carr – “What is Internet?” – Les is a Professor of Web Science at in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. caption
Lisa Jones – “A PhD: The trials & Tribulations” – Lisa is a PhD student in Developmental Physiology at the University of Southampton. Read more about her work and outreach on her blog: In a Science World.









Jamal Kinsella – “~Embrace Your Weirdness~” – Jamal is a PhD student in Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. Jamal is also an organizer for The Science Room at the Art House Cafe, Southampton.
Dave Christensen – “Stem Cell Detective” – Dave has a PhD in stem cell biology and is now a Research Technician at the University of Southampton. Dave is also a lead organizer for Bright Club Southampton! You may remember him from Bright Club Southampton No. 1 and as a host for the Bright Club Southampton podcasts.









Grace Andrews – “An Expert Ice Breaker” – Grace is a Post-doctoral research scientist in Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton. Learn more about her work by visiting her website.









But No. 9 couldn’t have happened without our audience! Check out some photos of these lovely people.

Thanks as well to our photographer Nikhil Mistry!