Women in Research Special!

Hey guys! Nop, we haven’t disappeared, we’ve been busy preparing for our next show and running workshops!

Join us on FRIDAY 9TH MARCH 2018 for a Women in Research special Bright Club show 🙂 We will be at the same place as before, 104 Kitchen & Cocktail Lounge, doors will open at 6:30 pm and the show starts at 7 pm. The show will be hosted by Sarah Benetto and headlined by Lou Sanders.

Tickets are on sale here and follow us on Facebook for more info. Look forward to seeing you there!

No. 10 – the Christmas Show!

Please join us next week for Bright Club No. 10 – our 2017 Christmas Show!

Five hilarious researchers will once again be taking the stage to share their comedic genius. Tiernan Douieb will be your host and Adele Cliff will headline!

~Location: One O Four, 54 Above Bar St, Southampton

~Date and Time: Friday, 8 December @ 6:30pm

~Tickets: £6.50. Purchased here to guarantee a seat, or at the door.

We cant wait to see you there!!

No. 9! Come and gone but not too late to watch!

Last week we had an amazing show featuring the talents of Alex Farrow and Samantha Baines, as well as five hilarious researchers: Les Carr, Lisa Jones, Jamal Kinsella, Dave Christensen, and Grace Andrews. Click here to get the details about the acts and the performers, and see photos.

But if you missed out, or were there and wish you could relive the entire experience, you’re in luck! You can watch all of the researcher’s sets on our youtube channel:

Les Carr – “What is Internet?” 
Lisa Jones – “A PhD: The trials & Tribulations”
Jamal Kinsella – “~Embrace Your Weirdness~”
Dave Christensen – “Stem Cell Detective”
Grace Andrews – “An Expert Ice Breaker”






Have you ever come away from one of our shows and thought “Oooh, I’d love to know more about the work that they were doing!”? Well, the podcasts are a chance to do just that!

Each episode is an interview with a performer, you can hear about their career, life as a researcher and the work they get up to!

Today is #InternationalWomensDay so first up we’ve got Jess Spurrell who performed at our very first show! Bright Club Southampton is actually her baby, she founded it!

Jess works in cryogenics and in her spare time she does ALL SORTS of public engagement and won the #WiSET award in 2016! You can follow her on Twitter @HungryWomenBlog and read her blog at www.femmesavecfaim.blogspot.co.uk!

There are plenty of things happening to celebrate #IWD, check out https://www.facebook.com/SotonIWD/ to see whats happening.


Our podcasts can be found on our SoundCloud, so go ahead and check it out!

Bright Club’s 6th show

Roll up, roll up for Bright Club’s 6th show on Friday 18th November!!

You know the details – Boulangerie Victor Hugo, doors 6.30pm.
Looks set to be a great night with professional acts Francesca Day and Ria Lina, and some ace researcher-performers talking everything from food waste to ferrets (OK we made up the ferrets, but still…)
Get your tickets here, quick-smart! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bright-club-6-feat-francesca-day-and-ria-lina-tickets-28036607247

Throwback thursday

WASSUP! Throwback Thursday yo!

Why not hit up our YouTube page for multiple throwbacks and check out all the awesome performers we’ve had so far! https://www.youtube.com/cha…/UCsnNSSIUbrjX3jXXV4zfsqA/videos

Get yourself excited for the next show coming soon – FRIDAY 18TH NOVEMBER at the wonderful Boulangerie Victor Hugo Southampton 🙂 use the link below to see our facebook event page and follow the link to the ticket page!


Our Anniversary Show

Nearly two weeks have passed since our amazing anniversary show. A massive


to all the performers, to the wonderful Steve Cross and Tom Goodliffe, and most importantly to you, our Bright Club audience. We wouldn’t be here without you, so thanks for sticking with us!

Here are some of my (website admin) favourite photos from the night (you can see all the photos from the past 5 shows here).


In the beginning, there was also Nikhil and Dave.

In celebration of Bright Club Southampton’s first birthday, I also asked Nikhil and Dave, who performed at the first show and have been a part of the committee since the beginning, to share their thoughts.

Nikhil said:

“I had just started a PhD and these emails came flying in from Jess about doughnuts, nachos, ‘quaking in my boots’, stand-up comedy and research. I had been involved in outreach and engagement in Southampton during my undergraduate studies, and I thought this was something cool, new and definitely worth getting involved with.

Originally, I didn’t think about performing; I just wanted the thrill of running a show in Southampton. Having been in Southampton since 2009, it was clear that the city needed more entertainment. Further, academics needed to be shown that engagement doesn’t have to mean serious conferences and lectures – they can communicate with the public in so many different ways. I’m passionate about ‘de-jargoning’ research and making it accessible to the public, so they can appreciate the work that goes on in academia. That’s why we run our public communication and comedy skills workshop, which are open to everyone, before each show.

Performing in the first show was such an incredible experience! The professional comperes and headliners we hire warm up the audience so that no researcher goes down like a lead balloon. I would recommend Bright Club to all researchers, as it’s the easiest way to try comedy without the fear of a harsh audience!

Our committee is awesome, and like a little family to me. Everyone has their own invaluable qualities, and working with them makes putting on these continuously brilliant shows so much fun! I didn’t really know many people at the start of my PhD as most of my friends moved after graduation, but I met SO MANY PEOPLE through Bright Club; the postgrads that perform for us, the business owners who help us run the shows, local newspaper journalists, and even DJs from BBC Radio Solent.

I think Bright Club is a breath of fresh air to Southampton, academia, public engagement and the people who come to see us! It’s fun, exciting, new, and has continued to grow in popularity, as evidenced by our ever-increasing audience. We are especially excited to welcome Steve Cross, the founder of Bright Club, to compering our anniversary show this Friday.”

Dave said:

“I first came across Bright Club a few years ago, when I heard the podcasts recorded and released by Steve Cross and the original Bright Club team in London. I loved the idea and wished there could be something like it in Southampton. So I jumped at the chance when I received Jess’s email about setting up Bright Club Southampton. By this time, I was just finishing my PhD and knew I wanted to get more involved in public engagement, regardless of what I did next. Also, being a stand-up comedy nerd, I loved the idea of being involved in the running of a comedy night!

But then I did something I hadn’t expected myself to do – I volunteered to perform at the first show. I can’t understate how nervous I was before the show, how great I felt once I got going and how much of a buzz I felt after finishing. Since that first show, I’m really proud that we’ve put on 3 more fantastic shows each with a roughly 50/50 split of people who work for one of the universities in Southampton and people from the wider public. This is an outreach project and I think it’s an important achievement that we are reaching out and not just talking to other university people.

Our anniversary show will include our first performer from Solent University, and I look forward to many more Solent academics making us laugh about their work at future shows. Also, to bring it back to the start of my relationship with Bright Club, I’ve been recording podcasts with some of our previous performers, which I hope to release in the not too distant future!”

We’ve come a long way in a year, and we cannot wait to celebrate with you this Friday. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start, and tickets are still available here.